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Why is being accountable so important?

Creating a culture of accountability is the key to developing a successful business. Accountability is an essential tool used by high-performing teams to establish stronger work relationships.

Successful teams can’t thrive without Accountability.

Accountability,  according to Cathelijne Janssen,  is “taking responsibility, acting responsible and feeling responsible about the results”. Simply put, it’s “doing the right things, and doing them right!

Accountability in teamwork refers to team members’ ability to remind one another when they are not meeting the group’s performance expectations.

Leaders may foster an environment in which people hold each other accountable and push to accomplish more.

Accountability may start with the leader, but it needs more than the leader’s participation.  To be successful, people need to hold one another accountable.

 Accountability Model: APPEAL

Cathelijne Janssen addresses the concept of the accountability model and how it contributes to professional and personal improvement.  

In her APPEAL accountability model, Janssen focuses on six particular aspects: Authenticity, Professionalism, Passion, Empathy, Acceptance, and Leadership. 

Authenticity is holding yourself to your value.

Professionalism and performing professionally lead to improvement of quality and efficiency.

Passion helps people who want to be accountable to have more effect.

Empathy is the ability to understand other people’s feelings and thoughts and use that understanding to guide your actions.

Acceptance of your mistakes is important. Your mistakes are ok as long as you learn from them.

Leadership means influencing behaviors, decision-making, communicating

Bret Simmons, Ph.D. explains accountability beautifully in this short video.

According to Bret Simmons, the two primary principles of real accountability are that it always starts with you and that it always seeks productive solutions rather than blame when challenges occur at work.

You can be an effective leader and  build a healthy productive relationship by doing the following :

Start accountability with yourself.

Be clear in your expectations of others.

Hold others accountable for meeting those expectations.

Make sure that you understand the expectations that others have of you.

Expect others to hold you accountable.

Help your teams to  keep their commitments.

If you want your team to be more productive, you should invest in team and individual accountability. By demanding greater accountability you’ll end up creating greater outcomes and making a bigger difference.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!

One reply on “Why is being accountable so important?”

I like the emphasis on holding yourself accountable. I find it difficult to maintain that integrity when others (including myself!) are not held accountable to the same standard I would hope. The next steps I think I should do is to make clear expectations for my team, and not only hold them accountable, but make sure that they are holding ME accountable for checking in on them.

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