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BE OPEN to new ways of thinking – Age Diversity

The typical workplace life is generally characterized by a set of tasks that must be done. It is easier to come up with the same concepts for a project that we used to do that ensure safe and secure results.

However, by applying creative thinking to our daily work lives, we will create and unlock more meaningful results.

If your team is uninspired and sticking to the same old ideas and solutions, it’s time to encourage creativity.

One of the simplest ways to achieve this is to tap into people from different generations.

According to some studies, about 40% of employees today have a manager that is younger than them.

In the words of Chip Conley (watch his Ted Talk), Author and Founder of Modern Elder Academy, power in the workplace are shifting to the young. They are more skilled at using cutting-edge technologies and they are assumed to offer new perspectives and ideas.

Every one of us has something to learn. With greater age diversity than ever before, we have an incredible opportunity to welcome more people in to engage with one another and create value.  The major advantage of workplace age diversity is the opportunity for diverse ideas, viewpoints, skills, and experiences to be shared.

Only 8% of organizations, according to Conley, include age in their diversity statements. We have the resources; it’s simply a matter of putting them to use.

Companies benefit from age diversity, but only if there is a culture that encourages each generation to learn from the others. Age diversity promotes knowledge, experience, creativity, and ambition between generations. 

Allow each person to act as both an intern and a mentor simultaneously. It brings wise eyes together with fresh eyes. The combination of different skills offered by the different age groups is definitely an asset for your team.

What do you think? How does age affect your work performance? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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