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Improve Your Global Understanding and Learn From Other Cultures

Being creative often involves seeing the world in a new way. We can learn about how people in other countries view the world. It does not mean that we all should travel abroad to gain new perspectives. We can see them in different parts of our society, or even within different communities, people with different religions, interests, or jobs.

I’d like to suggest that, just as in real life, we can open and revise our perspectives online. However, most of us probably end up connecting to people who are similar to us.

How to get out of our own little Internet zone?

One way is to look for bridge figures,” as explained by Zuckerman. By “bridge figure,” he means someone who functions as a cultural interpreter, exposing individuals who see the world in one way to those who see the world in another.

“bridge figures … people engaged in the larger process of cultural translation, brokering connections and building understanding between people from different nations.” 

-Ethan Zuckerman, Rewire, (2013)

We need to connect with new people who are not like us and tap into global knowledge networks. The important thing is to keep our eyes and ears open for all of the small but important differences that might show a lot about our own assumptions.

Learning from different cultures can benefit us all. It may also be drawing on your own personal background and family heritage, as in the case of Kayla Briët, a filmmaker and musician who grew up in California and creates work based on the stories of her Dutch Indonesian heritage.

Creating opportunities for a wider perspective allows us to notice when there is other more than one way to approach a specific case. In comparison to culturally homogeneous teams, diverse teams have the potential to be more creative.

Here are Greate talks about seeing world in different ways:

How you try to make the world wider through using the web? What bridges can you build? What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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