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Exercises for Creativity

For me, one of the benefits of being born in one country and living in another country is that I get to celebrate and begin the new year twice. One is January 1, and the other is Nowruz, the Persian new year,  which marks the beginning of the spring season and falls on or around the date of 21 March on the Gregorian calendar.

I’m not sure what happens on the first day of the year but it’s a nice time to reflect on the past and establish a goal for the future. Perhaps this is wrong, and we should not wait for a particular day to check in with ourselves or decide whether to add a new habit or subtract a habit. However, it seems like a fresh start.

Since I celebrated my second new year on March 20, I’ve been thinking about how to add something new to make my life more creative. It made me think of something I’d love to try or a habit I’d love to break for thirty-day.

I know it’s nothing new, and everyone sets a thirty-day challenge, especially at the beginning of the year. But this time, I was considering bringing the challenge into my job life too. as I mentioned in my previous post, the typical workplace life is characterized by a set of tasks that must be completed. It is easier to come up with the same ideas for a project that we used to do in order to ensure safe and secure results.

How about spicing up our minds and bringing some creativity into our daily work lives?

after thirty days, we should feel that we are enjoying this new activity as part of our routine.

Why try something new for 30 days?

Matt Cutts shares a few things he learned while doing these 30-day challenges.

  • Instead of the months flying by, forgotten, the time is much more memorable.
  • As you start to do more and harder 30-day challenges, your self-confidence will grow.
  • By doing small, sustainable changes, things are more likely to stick.
  • The next 30 days are going to pass whether you like it or not, so why not think about something you have always wanted to try and give it a shot!
  • You can do anything for 30 days.

Here are two of my creative exercises challenge for the next 30 days:

Mindless Doodling during the meetings rather than taking notes. Fortunately, most of my meetings are held online, so no one can see me.

 According to studies, doodling is a great practice for our minds to take in information creatively by engaging the four senses of reading, writing, visual, auditory, and tactile.

 If I don’t have a meeting in a day, I’ll watch a TED talk or a show and doodle on a sheet to keep my hands busy and my mind engaged.

Turn out the lights and write down my thoughts! It sounds crazy but the darkness helps our creative thinking by influencing our imaginations and allowing us to think in a new way.

What are some things you’ve always wanted to add to your life? Write them down in the commnet section below and try them for the next 30 days. 🙂

6 replies on “Exercises for Creativity”

Hi Lexi, I’m glad that you find this useful. 🙂
Shower time is the perfect “me” time. The idea that comes from this “me” time in the shower, is usually creative enough to put into action. The point is that when we take a shower, we pay attention to what comes to mind. I remember during the pandemic my days were filled with worry and emotional ups and downs. So, I decided to begin meditating. “taking a dark shower” was one of my instructor’s recommendations. It became my special tool, helping me regroup and reset my system.


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